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Southbridge Wastewater Treatment Plant, MA

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NJ Turnpike Authority - Driscoll Bridge

MDC® was selected by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, represented by their law firm, to review and analyze an errors and omissions claim against the project designers. The project, located on the Garden State Parkway, was a renovation of the existing Driscoll Bridge and the construction of a new parallel bridge over the Raritan River and was initiated by the New Jersey Highway Authority which later merged with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. In addition to the bridge work, additional highway approach lanes were constructed. 

San Felipe Springs Water Treatment Plant, TX

The City of Del Rio, Texas had been concerned with the continuing operation of the San Felipe Springs Water Treatment Plant that was constructed in 2000. The facility had experienced piping failures on a number of occasions in the PVC piping associated with the filtration system. In addition, excessive pipe movement and the build-up of sedimentation in the piping was also a concern to the City.

Turnpike Project (The Big Dig)

Client Name: Honeywell

MDC® was asked to investigate and provide a project analysis of a $104 million fixed-price contract for the expansion of an existing Integrated Highway Monitoring and Control System managed by a Turnpike Authority. This system is a traffic management and data acquisition application supporting travel through the heart of a major east-coast city.

Highway Interchange Project

Client Name: NJDOT

MDC® was asked to investigate and analyze a contractor’s claim for the construction of an interstate highway interchange and inspection station. Unique geological conditions were alleged by the contractor to be responsible for a doubling in the value of the completed project. MDC® conducted a detailed Forensic Project Management and geotechnical investigation of the site to determine if the alleged conditions impacted the project.

Scheduling Project

Client Name: Black & Veatch

MDC® was retained by our client to determine if the utility had contributed in any material way to the problems associated with either the removal or installation of the new generators. MDC® developed a detailed analysis of the problems encountered during the execution of the removal and installation work. MDC® determined that much of the delay in the installation of the generators was due to delay by a subcontractor responsible to Raytheon. MDC® also determined that additional delays were the result of inadequate verification by the contractor. Thus, the majority of the underlying conditions that caused the excess costs were not due to problems created by our client.

Pakistani Gas Turbine Power Plant

Client Name: NEPCO

MDC® was requested to provide expert analysis to an EPC contractor in a multi-party insurance litigation concerning a project in Pakistan. MDC® performed an expedited review of both technical and scheduling issues and worked with outside counsel in the UK to identify and analyze project delays and identify their relationship to technical and contractual issues, including force majeure events, physical damage to equipment and delay causation.

Oman Combined Cycle Power Plant

Client Name: Stone & Webster Engineering, Inc.

MDC® was asked to investigate and analyze a contract with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) for the detailed engineering and construction of a gas-fired turbine electric generating plant located in Oman at Saih Rawl. The power plant was to supply electrical power to the national grid and to the adjacent gas processing plant. A waste heat recovery unit in the power plant was to provide process heat to an adjacent gas plant being constructed by others.

Middle-Eastern Medical Center

Client Name: Hamad Medical Center

MDC® was asked to undertake a detailed analysis of the mechanical system design for this middle-eastern advanced facility. The chiller plant capacity was in question given the multi-purpose use expected for this development.

Singapore Pharmaceutical Project

Client Name: Schering-Plough

Singapore Pharmaceutical Project - MDC® was asked to investigate and analyze the delay and cost overrun experienced on this bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing project in Singapore. MDC® conducted extensive site visits and personnel interviews to determine the major problems experienced in the construction of the facility.

Delaware Manufacturing Plant

Client Name: Durr Automation

MDC® was retained by a Prime Contractor against General Motors on a $200MM(+) expansion project. MDC® assisted the prime contractor in preparing its statement of claim as well as defending itself against claims brought by their subcontractor. MDC®’s analysis work involved verification of labor and equipment costs and attribution of costs to various conditions including the impact of design changes, local plant requested changes and the unforeseen discovery of hazardous materials and its removal which disrupted the planned work flow.

Indiana Manufacturing Plant Project

Client Name: Sun Oil Company

MDC® was retained to review engineering, procurement and construction issues concerning the development of a coke (coal) manufacturing plant in Indiana. Our client’s damages stemmed from the differential movement of the sub-grade beneath the coke oven battery foundations and the failure of the coke ovens’ exhaust gas system to maintain adequate negative process pressures.

Airbag Manufacturing Facility Project

Client Name: Talley Industries

MDC® was retained by an airbag manufacturing company to consult and provide expert witness services for the evaluation of a $40 million claim against our client for defective design and construction of an airbag manufacturing plant. After the plant was sold to a third party, our client constructed additions and modifications to the plant, increasing production capacity dramatically. Part of the plant in which the explosive pellets are manufactured was involved in a catastrophic failure.


Client Name: Dean Mead

MDC® was retained by a university in Florida to develop an analysis of the events and issues that arose during the construction of the university buildings. MDC® performed a comprehensive schedule analysis of the causes and liability for delay during the project. This analysis required verification of the contractor’s initial schedule and the subsequent updates to determine their accuracy and reliability as a basis for analysis.

School District Project

Client Name: Catasauqua Area School District

MDC® was retained by a general contractor and a Pennsylvania school district, to analyze change orders submitted by the general contractor to the school district for excessive costs associated with the removal of rock found after excavation of the proposed site for a new high school. The new high school was first estimated with a total budget amount of $20,995,100 with actual construction costs exceeding $25,356,024. MDC® determined that due to poor planning and testing by the Architect the school district was entitled to recover the excessive costs for rock removal from the Architect.

Suburban School District Energy Project

MDC® was retained by a school district in Pennsylvania to investigate, analyze and recommend corrective action for the high school HVAC System due to high operating costs and unacceptable temperature conditions in various rooms of the school. The high school had been recently constructed and incorporated a geothermal field for heating and cooling uses.

University Library Project

MDC® was retained by a university in New Jersey to determine if problems existed with the building design of the university library. The university had experienced problems maintaining the interior environment of the library within normally accepted ranges for this type of facility. The university suspected that the problems were the result of errors in the design of the building and its mechanical system.

Multipurpose Pharmaceutical Plant

Client Name: Schering Plough Pharmaceutical Company

MDC® was retained by Schering Plough, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, to evaluate the performance of the Architect/Engineer during design and construction of a multipurpose bulk pharmaceutical plant. MDC® identified errors and omissions of the Architect/Engineer and analyzed the effect of delayed and incomplete design on construction costs and completion of the plant for a major international arbitration. Technical issues involved design and fabrication of major ductwork and piping systems.

Millville Early Childhood Center

Client Name: Sambe Construction Company

Sambe Construction Company constructed a new 20,000 SF two-story building and renovated a 64,000 SF existing two-story building for the Millville Early Childhood Center. It was a competitively bid contract awarded by New Jersey State Construction Corporation (NJSCC) and was scheduled for completion on September 7, 2004.

U.S. Federal Office Building and Courthouse

Client Name: Turner Construction Company

The project consisted of approximately 300,000 sq. ft. of court/office space and underground parking. The building is 15 floors high and occupies almost an entire city block in downtown Minneapolis. The initial project price for the project’s lump-sum design/build contract between GSA and a Developer Team, including Turner Construction Co., was approximately $91 million. Of this amount, approximately $78.4 million was Turner’s construction subcontract.

Prudential Plaza, High-Rise Office Building Claims Analysis

Client Name: Turner Construction Company

MDC® was retained by counsel for Turner Construction to assist in the evaluation and defense of a $60 million claim involving $14M in alleged remedial work and $23M in delay damages. MDC® also assisted in prosecuting Turner’s counterclaim of $20M for the $8.6M balance due on the construction contract, plus damages.

Parking Garage Assessment

Client Name: Bristol Myers Squibb

MDC® conducted a structural assessment of three, two-story, precast concrete parking garages at the Bristol Myers Squibb facility in Plainsboro, NJ. The three garage structures had experienced rapid, aggressive, premature deterioration of the garage deck, surface coating, joints and some structural elements. MDC® was retained to investigate and ascertain the cause(s) of the rapid deterioration, develop a remedial plan to restore the decks to useful service, preserve and extend the useful life of the garages and to reduce their on-going maintenance costs.

Hotel Vila Olimpica (Olympic Hotel)

Client Name: The Travelstead Group

MDC® provided Project and Construction Management Consulting Services for the development of a five-star hotel, office building and retail site in Barcelona, Spain.

The hotel complex included a 42-story, 456-room hotel and 29-room apartment tower surrounded by a multi-story podium containing support facilities for the hotel and apartments, a swimming pool, indoor/outdoor recreational facilities, vehicular loading dock and service areas and other amenities.

Fiber Optic Highway

Client Name: Drinker Biddle & Reath, LLP

MDCSystems® was hired by outside counsel to provide expert assistance in a matter involving the construction of a fiber optic highway extending through the states of Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

The Farfield Company (Electrical Contractors) v. The Rancocas Valley High School District (Board of Education)

Client Name: The Farfield Company

MDC® was retained by The Farfield Company to conduct an analysis and estimate damages associated with an inefficiency and extended duration claim made by Farfield in the execution of a major project at Rancocas Valley High School in Mount Holly, NJ. Included in the case was an assessment of the impact of the owner’s decision to terminate the project general contractor, the timelines of said termination, the timeliness of the assignment of a replacement general contractor and the foreseen ability of the need to terminate (or appropriateness of the initial award) on the overall execution efficiency and costs incurred by Farfield to complete the project. MDC®’s analysis included efficiency/inefficiency calculations using a measured mile approach and resultant schedule and cost impacts.

Combined Cycle Power Plant

Client Name: NEPCO

MDC® provided expert analysis and support to a design-build contractor in a dispute with a major equipment vendor. The dispute centered around the vendor’s late delivery of improperly fabricated Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) components. MDC® evaluated the impacts arising from the vendor’s performance including delays to the project schedule, productivity loss to the installation subcontractor, and monetary damages to the design-build contractor.

Submarine Pipeline

Client Name: RPS Consulting Engineers/Dublin City Council

The Dublin Bay Submarine Pipeline project is part of a massive $300 million effort to improve water quality in Dublin Bay. The entire project consists of the Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Works, a new pumping station, and a 10.5 km pipeline under Dublin Bay to bring the wastewater to Ringsend for treatment.

Nassau County Community College

Client Name: Travelers Insurance

Travelers sought expert assistance from MDC® analyzing circum­stances leading up to the termination of Manshul Construction by Nassau County in connection with Manshul’s work on a project at the Nassau County Community College. The County also had subsequently debarred AETNA Casualty (Manshul’s surety) from underwriting other contractors in the county and claimed com­pletion costs from AETNA and its successor surety Travelers.

Ras Tanura Refinery

Client Name: Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation

MDC® was retained to review the overall project to determine the potential claims and to estimate costs for possible recovery from the owner, as well as to review and evaluate subcontractor claims. MDC® performed investigative and analysis work both on-site in Saudi Arabia, and in MDC®’s home office.


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