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Newsletter December 2005

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Capital Project Management System

Risk, Risk Management and Reward in Project Execution

Information Management in an Electronic Age

ASHRAE Winter Meeting, January 21-25, 2006 in Chicago

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Capital Project Management System

As you think about Front End Planning Services, consider these questions:
Are my projects delivering all that I hoped for? Needed? Expected? Are we meeting our cost targets? Are we making our schedule windows? Does the project outcome support our business objectives? How can we improve next time?


The MDC Systems team would like to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!

  • Risk, Risk Management and Reward in Project Execution
  • By: Robert C. McCue, P.E.
    Managing Partner of MDCSystems®

    Risk and risk sharing means different things to different people. It may not be possible to eliminate all risk in undertaking capital projects. Owners will attempt to shift risk onto contractors through contract provisions, while contractors will attempt to share risk among the subcontractors and suppliers. Nevertheless some risk remains for all and cannot be eliminated. However, it is possible to recognize and limit risk for the overall project by implementing effective planning and execution strategies during the conceptual stage of the project.

  • Information Management in an Electronic Age
  • By: John P. Sieminski, Esquire
    Burns, White & Hickton, LLC
    Four Northshore Center
    106 Isabella Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15212
    T. (412) 995-3061

    John P. Sieminski has a broad range of expertise in complex commercial and business litigation, covering areas such as contractual disputes, construction litigation, employment litigation, civil rights litigation with a concentration in the representation of municipalities, defense of professional malpractice claims, litigation involving creditors' rights in bankruptcy matters, and protection of intellectual property and trade secrets. Mr. Sieminski is a Member of the firm's Construction Industry Practice Group and Chair of the Electronic Discovery and Information Management Group.

    The world is going digital and the business world is no exception. It is estimated that over 90% of new information is created on an electronic device in digital form. Of that electronic information, it is also estimated that approximately 30% is created, used, maintained, stored or destroyed without ever being printed to paper. The construction industry is no exception to this trend. The industry has embraced the use and exchange of information that, fifty years ago, would invariably have been created and used in the traditional form of paper drawings, specifications, letters, memos, and other traditional forms. For the reasons discussed below, electronic mail is a form of digital information that has achieved particular prominence and deserves special attention. In addition, the sheer volume of information created in business and non-business settings is staggering. Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley estimated, for the year 2003, that five exabytes of new information were created and that the amount of new information is growing each year. (One exabyte is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes OR 1018 bytes.)

  • ASHRAE Winter Meeting, January 21-25, 2006 in Chicago
  • A Few Ideas on the Horizon:
    If you, the reader, are actively engaged in the real estate development, design or construction industries, you have probably talked about, read about or heard about sustainable, or 'green' builidngs. The 'green' trend has been in the marketplace for about the last 7 years (some would argue much longer) and has been gaining both momentum and adherents at an astonishing rate. While often relegated to the position of a "feel good" item in its initial years, there are now major projects done by top tier organizations where green design is more than just a 'warm and fuzzy', but a significant part of the marketing and value play and plan for teh project. Its not just a nice idea, its a deal maker...and potentially a deal breaker.

    In a previous issue of the Advisor, MDC published an article touching upon some of the potential performance issues associated with green design. The time has come to look at that performance and link it to the bottom line.

    In January 2006, Mitchell Swann, P.E., LEED AP, of MDC will chair a seminar and panel focusing on the bottom line drivers for green projects at the ASHRAE Winter Meeting in Chicago, IL. The panel will include key individuals from commercial real estate, manufacturing, government and the investment communities, each haivng singnificant green initiatives. The panel's aim is to highlight what makes green 'tick' for their respective organizations and how they measure its contribution to the bottom line. In addition to this seminar, Mr. Swann will also co-chair a Forum addressing the legal aspects and implications of green building (LEED Certified) project contracts. This should lead to some lively discussion amongst dueling legal theorists, design and construction professionals. Thankfully, we just get to referee and instigate in this debate. Check out the link to the ASHRAE Winter Meeting in this edition of the MDC Advisor and stop on by if you happen to be in Chicago.

  • Recent Seminars & Conferences
  • Men

    • Defense Research Institue (DRI) Construction Law Meeting, September 8-9, 2005, Las Vegas, NV.
    • American Bar Association (ABA) Fall Meeting, September 29-30, 2005, Toronto, ON.
    • Defense Research Institute (DRI) Annual Meeting, October 19-22, 2005, Chicago, IL.
    • International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Annual Meeting, November 6-10, 2005, Scottsdale, AZ.
    • US Green Build Council (USGBC) Green Build Expo, November 9-11, 2005, Atlanta, GA.
    • Construction Superconference, December 8-9, 2005, San Francisco, CA.

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  • Future Seminars & Conferences
    • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) Winter Meeting, January 21-25, 2006.
    • American Bar Association (ABA) Construction Forum Mid-Winter Meeting, January 26-27, 2006, New York, NY.
    • American Bar Association (ABA) Alternative Dispute Resolution Meeting, April 4-8, 2006, Atlanta, GA.

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