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January 2011
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Complexity: The Fifth Dimension of Project Management

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ASHRAE 2011 Winter Conference


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Complexity: The Fifth Dimension of Project Management
Robert C. McCue, P.E.
Consulting Engineer

MDCSystems® has been providing Forensic Project Management (FPM®) services for over forty years for industrial, transportation and institutional capital projects. Using this extensive knowledge base, MDC®, develops and conducts seminars for the public and private sectors on many topics including the topics of Complexity and Systems Thinking, Sustainability, CPM scheduling, Claims Avoidance and Green Buildings.


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Stephen M. Rymal, P.E., Esq.
Consulting Engineer

Most of those working in the construction contract claims business are familiar with 1960 decision by the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA) in the Eichleay Corporation Case1 which recognized a contractor’s right to recover unabsorbed home office overhead for owner caused delays and work stoppages.


ASHRAE 2011 Winter Conference:
January 29 - February 2

The Real Cost of Zero Energy Buildings: Modeling and Design 

Zero Net Energy has become a pressing issue in our industry, yet our current approach is not up to the regulatory task. While there is a desire for such buildings there is a lack of definition on the meaning and implied impacts - we need this clarity first.

Room: Las Vegas Convention Center - Pavilion 4
Chair: E. Mitchell Swann, P.E., Member, MDC Systems, Paoli, PA With presentations on:

  1. Using an Energy Performance Based Design-Build Process to Procure a Large Scale Replicable Zero Energy Building
    Shanti Pless, Member
    - National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO
  2. Modeling a Net-Zero Energy Residence: Combining Passive and Active Design Strategies in Six Climates
    Brent Stephens, Student Member
    , The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
  3. Essential Methods, Models and Metrics for Net Zero Energy Buildings 
    Thomas Marseille, P.E., Member
    , WSP Flack & Kurtz, Seattle, WA
  4. The Role of Modeling when Designing for Absolute Energy Use Intensity Requirements 
    Adam Hirsch, Ph.D., Member
    National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO
  5. Zero Net Energy Buildings and Title 24 Energy Code (LV-11-C049)
    Clark C. Bisel
    , WSP Flack+Kurtz, San Francisco, CA

Mr. Swann will also be attending Tech Committee meetings for TC 1.7 General Business & Legal Education; TC 2.8 Green Buildings, TC 7.1 Integrated Design Process; TC  9.10 Laboratories and TC 9.11 Cleanrooms.


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