Construction Claims, Review Analysis and Preparation

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Forensic Engineering and Forensic Project Management Services

We provide comprehensive construction project analysis as well as construction claims management. This can include anything from dispute mediation, litigation, court-appearing expert witnesses, forensic analysis, change order management, and quality reviews. We are a full-service management and consulting firm with expertise in multiple areas of engineering and construction, including HVAC systems, architecture, structural analysis, energy efficiency, sustainability, and risk evaluation.

If you need assistance in any of these areas, contact us. If you do not have a consulting firm for your project, call us to find out how we can protect you, improve your engineering and construction performance, and ultimately set you up for future growth and success.

Over 50 Years of Industry Experience

MDC Systems® has provided timely expert services for our clients for more than 50 years. This experience allows for an expeditious project overview identifying the strengths and weaknesses of relevant issues, which results in valuable recommendations and approaches strengthening our clients’ position.

Our multi-disciplinary consultants include licensed professional engineers (mechanical, civil, structural, electrical and environmental), licensed architects and accountants. Our senior professionals have an average of over 30 years of hands-on national and international design, construction and project management experience and have proven themselves in many venues such as International Arbitrations, Federal and State Courts, Court of Claims, Board of Contract Appeals and arbitrations and mediations.

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Explore Our Flagship Services

Construction Claims

Providing damage analysis & valuation associated with construction claims including labor productivity & inefficiency, extended duration, acceleration, home office and overhead and re-work costs.

CPM Scheduling

Increasing project efficiency through analysis of metrics ensuring that all aspects of your project can be streamlined, so timelines are up to par with similar projects.

Dispute Resolution

Providing professional arbitration and mediation services to clients with the understanding that disputes are best resolved early in the life of the project.

Forensic Engineering

The investigation, analysis, and synthesis of key elements of Scope, Schedule, and Budget to understand and explain the causes of project management failure.

Project Management

We provide services identifying the critical project elements, evaluate the execution options, optimize the project delivery and monitor the on-going project delivery.

Risk Assesment

Providing engineering failure analysis as well as architecture failure analysis to determine where along the process of design, building, and construction risk factors come into play.

Modeling, BIM, WUFI®

We have experience in the use of all types of architectural and engineering models, estimating and cost models and energy consumption models.


Providing project comparisons allowing you to reference your project to other industries and regions. This observation enables your team to the ability to monitor and report on the same basis.